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The Code 9 Foundation

The Code 9 Foundation provides a place of support for current & veteran professional first responders & 000 operators who live with PTSD, depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions that result from their service to the community.

This support is available both in the ‘virtual world’ as well as via organised Peer to Peer ‘Catch-up’ nights, Coffee meet ups and other formal events.

The path through mental illness can be an isolating and lonely road.   At Code 9 we reach out and teach one another that they are never alone in their respective journeys, and we protect, support and encourage one another to do what is necessary to recover.


There are very few charities supporting the emergency services and most just support a single service in a specific way.  Often assisting victims, survivng relatives or commemorating the dead.  Code 9's goal is to help first responders and their family's that are suffering here and now and to show them that, even though they often feel it, they are never alone.

PTSD doesn’t just affect one service.  A Civilians cry for help begins with the 000 telephone call to ESTA, then through to the radio despatch out to the police, fire and ambulance members working as a team to combat a critical incident.  The nature of a first responder from the police, fire, ambulance or ESTA services is so similar that the camaraderie between the services is very strong and exclusive.

Code 9 brings together those team members again, to support each other, this time in their own fight, just as they did on the street.   Code 9 also incorporates the chance for the Partners & Carers of members to get involved and get their own support.

Code 9 proves to the current & veteran first responder and their families that “you are never alone.”



Show all first responders that they are never alone.

Raise funds to sponsor assistance dogs through Assistance Dogs Australia

Hold partners and carers forums to help this critical group of people understand mental injuries and how they can best look after themselves alongside their injured partner.
Eradicate the mental health stigma within first responders and see that flow on to the community.
Connect with former first responders to get them back among their mates.
Promote positivity and healthy living.
Offer advice to those that are struggling - to speak to a GP or psych and ensure that peer to peer support is offered.
Educate those that are mentally healthy to ensure it stays that way.
Refer first responders or their family members for clinical treatment.

The Code 9 Foundation is registered with the Australian Charities and Not for Profits Commission as a registered health promotion charity, ABN: 93411567323.

We are endorsed as a deductible gift recipient (DGR) and can receive income tax deductible donations. This means that a donor to a DGR is able to claim deductions to his or her taxable income in an annual income tax return after making a donation. 


To find out more about The Code 9 Foundation please Click Here

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