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Latte Art Milk Jug - Cafelat

Latte Art Milk Jug - Cafelat

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The latest milk jug from Cafelat is an absolute beauty. Designed on and off by Paul Pratt over a few years to incorporate all the features needed to create an awesome pitcher. It features mirror finish thick 304 stainless steel walls, an absolutely amazing spout for latte art, a rolled rim for holding it handle free and a handle designed to be as comfortable as possible.

The Cafelat milk pitchers was one of their biggest challenges. The unique design uses the signature Cafelat outline as seen on their cups, glassware and Cafelat knockbox. The difficult part was in the small details that make the milk pitcher great for the barista to use, namely the spout and the handle.

Made from extra thick stainless steel the pitchers have a satin brushed finish and a raised pour spout to help with latte art. The thick walls of the pitcher make it strong, heavy duty and durable, perfect for the final swirl and for knocking out those air bubbles if you tap it on the counter top.

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